No child should be disconnected from their education. During this extremely difficult time parents, as well as the school systems, are struggling to supply tablets and laptops to children in order for them to attend virtual classes.  Without these electronic devices, it is impossible for these students to currently continue their education. Due to this, the Virginia Hispanic Foundation is collecting laptops, tablets, and donations in order to support the Passport to Education, in helping thousands of Hispanic youths to reach their educational goals.  Many students are not receiving the necessary support that they need to overcome these difficult obstacles. With your support, we can allow these amazing students to continue on their bright paths.

If you have a laptop or tablet you wish to donate, please email zajur@vahcc.com for pick-up and drop-off locations and more information.

Donate on Giving Tuesday and empower Hispanic youth by donating to The Virginia Hispanic Foundation’s Passport to Education Programs, offering support to these students throughout their academic career through:

  • Bilingual Mentoring and Leadership Programs 

  • Yoga and Mindfulness programs

  • Leadership coaching on decision making, time management and achieving success

  • Connections to colleges/universities, corporations, non-profits, science and research centers.


Please help us build a better tomorrow for these children and develop the talent of our future workforce! 

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Quotes from Students & Leadership Coaches

Sixth-grader Yenifer said her dream was to graduate from college. “This is a great and amazing program to help us with our goals. I met a new best friend, in working with my leadership mentor coach”,  Yenifer said. 

Yenifer's leadership mentor coach was Amanda Velez, who is the program coordinator at VCU’s Global Education office. "The Passport to Education Bilingual Leadership Programs stand out among mentoring programs because of the focused bilingual leadership curriculum during the sessions. Middle school is a critical age for kids. They really develop into what kind of adults they are going to become” Amanda Velez said.

When Tania, a Hispanic student mentored by Vivian Callaghan, a Passport to Education Leadership Mentor Coach, confessed she didn’t think she could go to college, Callaghan told her about her own journey — not only to college, but to the Ivy League.  After participating in the Passport to Education Bilingual Leadership Programs, Tania made a decision to map out her own educational goal of going to college.

 “You start one child at a time, and we tell them to adapt right where you are, right here, right now, and grow from there. Each week for the program, students experienced everything from learning to relax through yoga to discovering strengths, and to setting goals, which was important to their growth", said Vivian Callaghan, who drove from Fairfax each week to be a leadership mentor coach for the program.

“Edison and Wilfred thought just because they were Hispanic, they couldn’t make it in America. They just need a little guidance, and that is what we offer the students when we work with them on the weekly bilingual leadership lessons. The students come from a wide range of family situations. Some parents are engaged in the student’s education; others aren’t. Some parents work two or three jobs; others expect the students to help with the family business", said Leadership Mentor Coach Renee Lacy. 

“We always laugh,” seventh-grader Adriana said of her bilingual leadership mentor coach. Adriana shared her dreams about wanting to become a chef or an FBI agent. “I learned to never back down from my dreams, and that my goals are achievable" said Adriana.