Leadership mentoring

Training Sessions

Mandatory mentor training sessions will be available online or live in February 2019.

For more information contact: lisa@vahf.org

“Empowering the children of today, to prepare the workforce of tomorrow.”

Bilingual Leadership Mentoring Programs for Hispanic students in elementary, middle, and high school who meet with a leadership coach to discuss bilingual leadership lessons, and learn mindful yoga de-stressing and focusing techniques.


Our Leadership Mentoring Program consists of committed, professional bilingual mentors who meet with small groups of participants during school. Overtime, our mentors not only become their leadership coach, by presenting imperative leadership skills through lessons, they create long-lasting relationships.

  • What are my Dreams

  • Achieving success

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Attitude is Everything

  • Flexibility 

  • Goal Setting

  • Good Habits

  • Human Needs

  • Decision Making

  • Time Management

Bilingual Leadership



For Elementary, Middle & Highschools

Leadership Mentor Coaches discuss a bilingual leadership lesson that is provided during each session. Some schools may have a mindfulness yoga session first that includes de-stressing and focusing techniques. The time commitment is for approximately one hour. Leadership Coaches share their guidance and wisdom with a Hispanic student, check in with students on how they are doing in their classes, and may connect with parents to engage them in being a partner with the school. It is a family based program making it unique from other mentoring programs, and addresses the language barrier in education.  Studies have shown that at risk students were successful in school when they had the support of a caring adult who showed interest in them. (Yoga sessions are only available if the school is able to provide the space).

It is an “in school” based program. Our Hispanic High School students receive information on applying for scholarships, writing the essay for the common application, navigating the FAFSA form, college tours to assist students in deciding on a college that is right for them, coordinated with leadership lessons on setting goals, decision making, time management, and achieving success.

The time commitment is for approximately ONE HOUR

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