THe challenge within our schools:

The Hispanic community is the youngest demographic in the U.S. and continues to be the fastest-growing segment of the labor force. Statistically, Hispanic students in Virginia possess a dangerous high school dropout rate putting this group in a high-risk trajectory as they enter the adult workforce. 

The Solution:


The initiative directly addresses hurdles that our participants are faced with in a caring and culturally relevant way designed specifically to level the playing field for Hispanic Youth in the future work force.


A culturally competent bilingual leadership mentoring program for Hispanic students in schools.


A bilingual web portal built to assist Hispanic students and families in navigating the educational system.

Workshops & college tours

Bilingual workshops and college tours for students to explore options in higher education.


  Since the program's launch in 2011, Passport to Education has served over 1,700 Hispanic students and their families to date.

We need your support to continue serving our participants through innovative programming and to widen our reach throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.


of the students in our programs increased attendance


of the students improved one-two letter grades in two or more subjects


 improve study habits, and reading fluency in English and Spanish



Yenifer (6th Grade)

Yenifer said her dream was to graduate from college. “This is a great and amazing program to help us with our goals. I met a new best friend, in working with my leadership mentor coach,” Yenifer said.


Amanda Velez

"The Passport to Education Bilingual Leadership Programs stand out among mentoring programs because of the focused bilingual leadership curriculum during the sessions. Middle school is a critical age for kids. They really develop into what kind of adults they are going to become”