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Leadership mentoring

Our Leadership Mentoring Program consists of committed, professional bilingual mentors who meet with small groups of participants during school hours.


Over time, our mentors not only become their leadership coaches by presenting imperative leadership skills through lessons, they also create long-lasting relationships.

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Pasaporte a la educación HYbrid Approach  

For Elementary, Middle & High Schools

Pasaporte a la Educación Virtual & In-person Hybrid Programs make a positive impact on the educational future of Hispanic students, decreasing the dropout rate. The programs offer a global mindset and promote global student development which are powerful components of a 21st century education. The programs are an impactful series of bilingual sessions that include a hybrid of in-person and virtual visits with Hispanic guest speakers & leadership coaches, who are role models in the community, plus on-demand videos of inspiring stories by mentors. Students will hear leadership skill set presentations on “What are my Dreams, Achieving success, Positive Affirmations, Attitude is Everything, Flexibility, Goal setting, Good Habits, Human Needs, Decision Making, and Time Management.” Students will be exposed to industry professionals in various careers and learn about skills needed to be successful, and receive educational tools that inspire them to take action on their next level of educational achievement. Higher education information on universities, colleges, scholarships and skill set certifications will be available for students to explore their options. Students will be able to connect with trained leadership coaches through the hybrid virtual/in-person approach.

Time commitment varies for schools districts. Please fill out the form below to see what the time commitment would be depending on your zipcode.


  • What Are My Dreams

  • Achieving Success

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Attitude Is Everything

  • Flexibility 

  • Goal Setting

  • Good Habits

  • Human Needs

  • Decision Making

  • Time Management

Teenage Students Raising Hands

The Virtual & In-Person Hybrid Programs promote:

  • Culture & Identity Self-Awareness

  • Leadership Skills

  • Multicultural Empathy

  • Higher Education & Skillset Certification

  • College, University, & Campus Tours

  • Strategies & Competencies For Continuous Learning, Self-Awareness, & Reflective Thinking 


“It ended up being the best day of my week, every week. I think that I was supposed to be there to give to them, but they ended up giving to me and I am so grateful that I ended up volunteering.”

-Sandi Turner

"Just being able to help someone brings joy to my life. Using my life as an example for them, allowing them to grow has really marked how I see the world as well as how I perceive myself and if I had the opportunity, I would gladly do it every year." 

-Edgar Jiménez

"The Passport to Education Bilingual Leadership Programs stand out among mentoring programs because of the focused bilingual leadership curriculum during the sessions. Middle school is a critical age for kids. They really develop into what kind of adults they are going to become”

-Amanda Velez

Benefits of Becoming a mentor

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