About the Piñata Project

Why challenging a World Record?


Richmond Virginia is an incredibly creative and inclusive city that loves giving and is quickly rising on the map as a U.S. destination community to work, play and learn. Assist us in putting Richmond, Virginia on the map as the most inclusive and diverse community in the US.


The Virginia Hispanic Foundation, Virginia Hispanic Chamber and Virginia Commonwealth University Da Vinci Center worked in an effort to make a significant impact on the educational future of Hispanic students throughout Virginia.


The Hispanic community is the youngest demographic in the U.S. and continues to be the fastest-growing segment of the labor force. This demographic is challenged with the highest dropout rate putting, Hispanic students at risk for larger income gaps, higher unemployment rates, living at the poverty level and leading less healthy lifestyles than students completing degree programs.


The Pasaporte A La Educación programs focus on the mechanisms behind these hurdles and have shown success with measurable outcomes. Since its inception, the program is helping to decrease the Hispanic dropout rate and preparing students for the future job market.


Through a community and statewide effort to raise funds and awareness of the work and programs of the Virginia Hispanic Foundation, we decided to challenge the current World Record for the “Largest Display of Piñatas” to show our Hispanic youth (and the world) that through work and collaboration, all dreams can be achieved. se puede!